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Who We Are

The Educational Services committee looks for opportunities to celebrate our members and provide opportunities to support our members in their professional development.  We have the annual learning plan generator to support with the board ALP requirement for setting goals for the school year, conference funding supplement to support learning that YOU want, and workshops/events on topics of interest for teachers. 

Conference Funding

D16 T/OT is committed to the professional learning of our members.  Each year we offer funding for workshops and conferences.  The maximum amount paid per conference this year is $100/member.

1) View the conference funding guidelines, for more details, pre-approved conference list and exclusions.

2) Apply for funding   Please wait for approval before incurring any expense.

3) Submit receipts for reimbursement

Anti-Racism and Equity Training Funding

Through provincial OSSTF, members can apply for funding to support them in attending training, a workshop, conference of course in anti-racism and equity.  Funds are granted on a first come, first served basis and must be applied for.  The maximum amount per member is $400.

1) View the anti-racism and equity training funding guidelines, for more details.

2) Apply for funding   Please wait for approval before incurring any expense.

3) Submit receipts for reimbursement

ALP Generator

Each year, teachers must complete their Annual Learning Plan (ALP).  This is due by the end of October, unless this is your NTIP/TPA year.  You can use this ALP generator to help you complete your ALP with ease.

Unsung Hero Award

The Educational Services Committee of District 16 T/OT annually recognizes the extraordinary services of devoted members with the Unsung Hero of York Awards.  Members should submit nomination forms to their Ed Services Rep or Branch President leading up to the spring deadline.  The Branch Executive selects the Unsung Hero Award Recipient and presents the award at the June staff meeting.  
Poster to promote the award

Award criteria and nomination form.  The submission deadline for this school year is May 15th each year.

Education Partnerships

The Educational Services Committee is committed to helping members and their families gain access to Discounts, Subsidies, Grants & Scholarships.  Using your OSSTF membership card and/or your College of Teachers card can help you take advantage of discounts and free services offered to teachers.

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