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Who We Are

The D16 T/OT Black Caucus is a group that wishes to create a space to voice personal aspirations, group objectives and systemic issues around the lived experiences of African, Caribbean and Black identifying teachers. The Black Caucus Committee provides opportunities to connect, learn, heal and be supported for individual and collective liberation through action, education and capacity building.

Our Committee:

  • promotes Black members to be leaders, mentors and role models who strive towards making our work environment inclusive, safe, and equitable; 

  • provides workshops and opportunities to assist in utilizing Identity Affirming approaches, professional development, mental health and wellness supports, and related matters of interest to the collective group

  • gathers almost every month to discuss updates, initiatives and to deepen a sense of community by connecting with each other


Some Group Activities may include:

  • Cultural events and excursions

  • Workshops and Conferences (local and provincial)

  • Leadership and Professional Development Opportunities

  • Inter-district collaborations

  • Community advocacy and sponsorship


If you are interested in joining or receiving emails for the Black Caucus, please do not hesitate to contact the Dismantling Anti-Black Racism Officer ; Equity, Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression Officer.

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