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BP Meeting Dates 2022-2023

Retreat:  Sep 15 - Sep 16 
AGM:  May (TBD)


Council Meetings
905 CUPE @ 1:30

Wed Nov 23 

Wed Dec 14 

Wed Jan 18 

*Thurs Feb 23

Wed Mar 29

Wed Apr 26

Wed Jun 14

Branch President Resources

Branch President Handbook

This handbook has a wealth of information for new and seasoned BPs and also includes a "month at a glance" section to help you get an overview of what your role involves as we me through the year. *UPDATED DRAFT COMING SOON*

ISC: Guide to Staffing

Being a part of the In-School Staffing Committee (ISC) is a big part of the Branch Presidents Role.  For staffing specific inquiries or to learn more, check out the Staffing Page.

Branch Elections

At the June Staff Meeting, Branch Elections must be held.  All details and resources on how to promote and run elections can be found on the Branch Elections page.

Funding Available to Schools

Members and local Branches have access to a variety of funding: branch rebate, member engagement, conference funding, excellence in ed grants.  Check out the Funds page for more information.


The BP & Branch Executive are involved in two awards, with nominations in mid-May:

1) Unsung Here Award (member)

2) Graduation Award (student)

More information about these can be found on the Awards page.

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