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Annual Learning Plan (ALP) & ALP Generator

A teacher's annual learning plan (ALP) is due once a year on the last day of October.  The ALP is teacher developed and outlines some of your professional goals for the current school year.  Teachers in their TPA or NTIP year do not have to complete their ALP until after their evaluation and in consultation with their administration.

OSSTF D16 T/OT has created an ALP Generator, to be used on a desktop/laptop, to assist members in completing their ALP. 

After you have completed your ALP with the generator, you can preview the ALP, save a copy to your computer and either email or print for submission.

This ALP Generator has drop down menus and no options to add customized comments.

This ALP Generator has drop down menus you can select from.  If you do not find a set comment, you may skip the box and instead use the optional custom comment.

The blank ALP provides a template and all comments are completely custom with no drop down options. 

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