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If you are an OT and not receiving OSSTF D16 T/OT weekly communications, please contact us with your name and non-board email address ASAP or complete our information update form with all your contact details.

OT Resources

The YRDSB Occasional Teacher Handbook (Sharepoint) is a wealth of information.  The handbook includes information on OT pay, late cancellations, inclement weather, LTO assignments, and health and safety.  This document is put out by the YRDSB and you will need to log in via the BWW to view it.

The staff absence replacement system (STAR) is the system the board uses for staff to report absences and our OT's to pick up jobs.  If you need help with the system, check out this Star System Brochure (Sharepoint).  This document is put out by the YRDSB and you will need to log in via the BWW to view it.


This brochure includes some helpful tips from OSSTF Provincial on being an Occasional Teacher.

The YRDSB offers Training opportunities for Occasional Teachers.  Check out the link for opportunities in the 2023-2024 school year.


Alternate Job Opportunities

A long-term occasional (LTO) position is one which is ten consecutive days or longer.  LTOs could be for an entire semester or a portion of a semester and in some cases may be extended.  An LTO is an opportunity to have a consistent work schedule but does include taking on the preparation, and marking workload.

LTO postings can be found on 

Contract Postings: All contract postings can be found on

Contract positions are offered as percentages or decimal values.  Some contracts are only posted for one semester.  Be sure to read the posting carefully as sometimes a one semester, 3 class contract will be posted as 100%.  Contracts can include up to 6 classes, 3 per semester.  When expressed for a full school year, one class is 17% or 0.17.

Interview Process:  Equity is a focus of the YRDSB and many school boards.  During the interview process, you should expect to come across some questions about equity.  This Equity Interview Tip Sheet is here to assist you with equity-focused learning to prepare for an interview. 

Job Opportunities

OT Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Each year in the spring, the Occasional Teachers must hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The OT President is voted for biennially at this meeting.  Email communications will come to OT's inbox if they have registered their email address with the D16 T/OT office.  The date, once decided, will also be in our upcoming events of the weekly and the upcoming dates on our website calendar.

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