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Absences and Leaves

Information on:

  • Personal illness

  • Bereavement

  • Medical related absences, including short-term and long-term medical leaves

Information on our Personal Illness / Sick Leave entitlement, and Bucket Day entitlements.
Note: Part-Time teachers and LTO's have their days prorated based on their FTE and length of assignment.

Information on absences related:

  • Daily absences that are not personal illness / medical, such as:

    • family illness​

    • funeral day

    • moving day, etc.

  • Bereavement

  • Unpaid statutory leaves, such as:

    • Pregnancy/Parental leave

    • Family or Compassionate care leave

    • Deferred salary plan leaves (DSP)

  • Other unpaid leaves

Any unpaid leave, whether statutory or not, you would not be paying automatically into your LTD (Long Term Disability). This would have to be set up with OTIP to withdraw the amount during your leave and then when you return to paid work, your LTD payments would come off of your paycheque once again.

We recommend that you keep your LTD coverage if at all possible financially, as if you are injured during your leave, and cannot work when you are supposed to return, once you go through your 11 Personal Illness days and 120 Short Term Disability days there would be NO eligibility for LTD.

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