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OSSTF Provincial
Annual Meeting of the Provincial Assembly (AMPA)

The Annual Meeting of the Provincial Assembly is held once a year at the start of the March Break.  Every District in OSSTF is given a fixed number of delegates and alternates to attend AMPA on behalf their district. The quantity is based on the FTE in each District.  The process for selecting delegates from a Bargaining Unit is laid out in the local constitution.


Provincial Executive Election

Election of our Provincial Executive happens at AMPA.  An election occurs biennially in odd numbered years.  The AMPA delegation elects:

1 President

2 Vice Presidents

3 Executive Officers

1 Treasurer


What Happens at AMPA?

At AMPA, debate and voting takes place through "motions" on Policies, Procedures, Bylaws, and the Constitution.

The Provincial Strategic Action Plan and the Budget are shared and must be voted on and passed by the assembly.


More Information

For more information about AMPA,

How to Attend AMPA

1. Read the weekly emails sent from the District in the fall.  A call-out for delegate requests will be sent to the membership.

2. Each interested member, will complete a short, one-paragraph write-up as to why they wish to be a local delegate. 

3. A vote will occur at council to select our AMPA delegates. The District reserves at least 2 delegate seats for members who have never attended AMPA.

How to Participate

1. Attend as a delegate to participate in debate, ask questions, and vote 


2. All members of OSSTF are welcome to attend AMPA as an observer.  Observers are not permitted to participate in debate or vote.


3.Propose a resolution/motion.  There is a deadline and this must be done in advance.  Seek support from the office or your Provincial Councillors if you need help.


3. Encourage other members to attend with you.

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