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Retirement Resources

This page has a series of resources to support you in preparing for retirement.

Retirement Overview

Every year OSSTF D16 T/OT hosts a retirement workshop to help members plan for and understand the steps to retirement.  The following resources are shared and/or discussed during the workshop.

"Preparing for Retirement" Workshop Slidedeck
Retirement FAQ
Retirement Checklist

If you still have a Gratuity to be paid out, you will need:

Gratuity Form and information from Educators Financial Group on how to Maximize your Retirement Gratuity.

Members can cancel their LTD and save the premiums if they meet certain conditions. 
LTD Cancellation Form outlines the various ways that one can qualify and the process for doing so.

To officially submit your retirement to the board, you do so using the e-forms on the sharepoint.

From Employee Corner, go to "My Employee Self Serve". 

Thereafter, you can follow these e-form Instructions.  

Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 10.07.31 AM.png

Retired Teachers Insurance Plan (RTIP)

​RTIP is an insurance plan offered during retirement.  The plan is offered through OTIP.  The plans are different than your plan while employed.  The package below does include some pricing examples.  Any questions about retirement benefits can be directed to RTIP.  When reviewing the Information package with pricing, be sure to double check the date of the document in case we haven't uploaded the latest version.

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