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Staffing Information 

This page will share links to important documents and highlight some key items in the staffing process.  These resources and information will be a tool for all members, but is particularly helpful to members of the In-School Staffing Committee (ISC).    The ISC is made up of the school administration, the Branch President and two elected members from staff.  

Many Staffing Related Documents can be found on the BWW

Staffing Page (BWW)      Services/Education and Community Services/Secondary Staffing

  • APA Tab

    • asdf

  • Guidelines tab

  • Memos tab

    • Staffing Timelines (updated often)

    • All memos sent to ISC

  • POR Tab

    • Board Presentation on applying for a POR

Teaching Assignments in Ontario

Staffing Timelines (memo tab)

Qualifications Document

Mutual Agreement

Temporary Letter of Approval (TLA)

STO Slidedeck/APAs (?)

APA Calculator for Coop

Use of YAPA Period

Important Staffing Related FAQ

Timetable returning from leave
1 period contract teacher: can accept 2 periods OT/LTO.

2 period contract teacher: can accept 1 period LTO, no OT

Declaring Surplus/Redundancy

Purpose of seniority

Stacked Classes 

Part time to full Time (March)

Class Sizes/Piercing
POR Application Process (slidedeck)

Transfer Process

Regional Staffing
POR must teach a minimum of x number in dept
FNMI minimum 12 for section

YREM/Resource Monitoring Caseloads

YREM/Strats ratios & pairings

Allocation Sheets - dedicated vs non-dedicated

Special Roles (literacy/student success/library)

DOCUMENT: Things to watch out for

(i.e. sneaky stacks)

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