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Leaves of Absence from Work

There are many different types of leaves.  If at any time you have questions or need help navigating the process, feel free to connect with our District Executive Officer (DEO) who can support you through the process.

  • Less than 5 days

  • Less than 3 weeks

  • More than 3 weeks

  • Long Term Disability

  • WSIB

  • Pregnancy/Parental/Adoption Leave

  • Infant Care Leave

  • Family Caregiver Leaves

  • Compassionate Care Leaves

  • Bereavement Leaves


Deferred Salary Plan

Applications are to be reviewed and signed by the Principal/Manager and Superintendent and received by Human Resource Services no later than January 31 of the school year prior to the year in which the applicant wishes to begin the salary deferral.


Board FAQ (BWW)

Application Form (BWW)

Long Term Disability




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